In the morning of the magicians

The Archetypes Gathering continues this morning, as our group has gotten up rather early (for us: 8 AM) to meet for breakfast and the first stage of our study: the Matrix Archetypes. We began with a meditation and morning offering with the reading of excerpts from spiritually oriented texts like the Law of One, the Old and New Testament, and others. This was coupled with meditation and prayer. We then made the trip to the house of our host, where the discussions would take place (and, incidentally, breakfast was to be had).

Process is of especial interest to our group. How to discuss these matters in a meaningful way that simultaneously does not obscure individual interpretations is one of our primary concerns. Ideally, this experience of group contemplation and analysis of the archetypes would spur individual inquiry, not hamper or squelch it. Luckily, with as small a group as ours consensus can often be achieved, though disagreements are always present. There are dual aspects to this study: the more abstract consideration of what it means to be a Matrix of the Spirit or Transformation of the Mind, for example. Then there's the entirely different task of interpreting the associated images to inform our understanding of these more ethereal roles or states of archetypical significance. It seems that the real conflicts often occur in the latter, since interpretation is more intuitive and, therefore, personal.

We started our morning by considering the three Matrix archetypes (mind, body, and spirit). These include cards 1 (commonly known as the Magician), 8 (Justice), and 15 (The Devil). We then moved on to the Potentiators, breaked for lunch, then did the Catalysts. We are now engaging in a study of the Experience archetypes, which I must now end this update to engage. Tonight I hope to summarize more of our findings and perhaps document some personal interpretations of my own.

(Extra credit to those who can interpret the pedigree of this post's title)

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Written on Saturday, February 11, 2006