Conclusion of the Archetypes Gathering

This weekend was a very focused gathering of serious students of the Law of One. Looking forward to this weekend I initially had some reservations about whether our group would be able to stay focused on the rather arcane and slippery subject of the Archetypical Mind. There was also the possibility of what would happen when the inevitable disagreements arose - after all, the significance of these archetypes are fundamentally unique to each individual by their very nature. As the Law of One explains, the archetypes "haunt rather than explicate".

I am pleased to report that our gathering was most inquisitive, profound, and fruitful. Thanks to the moderation efforts of Tobey Wheelock, we were able to stay on or ahead of schedule most of the time. The consideration of each of these archetypes is properly the work of a lifetime, and nobody pretended that we could but scratch the surface of beginning to comprehend the subtle indications of the images. However, by rescuing us from the downward spiraling feedback loop of incessant and redundant intellectualizing, Tobey kept us moving along so that we were able to glean what limited interpretations in a balanced and comprehensive manner. I can imagine that it was sometimes difficult to cut off pregnant but inefficient avenues of inquiry, and I'm grateful for his discipline. He deserves a lot of credit for any success we've achieved.

Saturday was concerned with the study of the first five categories of archetypes: Matrices, Potentiators, Catalysts, Experiences, and Significators, each of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. I took lots of notes on the groups findings as well as my own reactions. Some discussions resulted in more consensus than others, and when there was disagreement my notes usually erred on the side of my own feelings and theories. It was an intense day, where the group considered, shot down, and left ambiguous many subtle concepts that are difficult to articulate. Hopefully my notes will describe the problems, since I doubt they solve them.

Today we completed the octaves by studying the Transformations and Great Ways of the Mind, Body, and Spirit, along with the 22nd archetypical image, the Choice. We also participated in a channeling session to gain some extradensity input on our question, and it was quite a powerful and intriguing monologue, followed by some questions from the group that prompted more discussion afterwards. As soon as a transcript becomes available I will post a link to it.

I intend to use this blog as a repository for my notes on the gathering. However, because of the highly intuitive and interpretive nature of archetypical study, I cannot represent that these are any sort of authoritative or objective documentation. Therefore, the notes I will be publishing must be qualified as soley my own opinions: if you find them useful, great; if not, leave them behind and more power to ya. They will be published in a special section of this blog separate from the regular posts - I'm not trying to shove my wierd interests down the throats of readers used to political rants.

UPDATE: I have established a static section of this blog for my notes and links pertaining to the archetypes, which you can find here.

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Written on Sunday, February 12, 2006