Understanding the Neoconservative Gestalt: Conservative Ontology

This installment of Understanding the Neoconservative Gestalt is really kind of a joke, since I really just want to highlight a very interesting discussion at Right Thinking Girl, and this hilarious statement by one of the conservative participants:

Borders ARE real. Borders ARE truth, Jeremy. Try walking into Iran or North Korea.

You see? INS and border security policy are matters of absolute truth. Fundamentalist and authoritarian regimes aren't arbitrarily violent - they're prosecuting the received word. Conservatives are motivated by a desire to realize in politics objective absolutes like borders between nations, laws, etc. There's no room for debate, because if you don't accept A is A then we can't have a discussion.

NOTE: To be fair, I'm not sure this particular dude qualifies as a dyed in the wool neoconservative - maybe neoliberal.

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Written on Saturday, May 06, 2006