Consolidating Elite Interests through Regimentation

this is scary:

If Hayden were confirmed, military officers would run all the major spy agencies, from the ultra-secret National Security Agency to the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Fascism, here we come! I don't care how supposedly non-conformist this Hayden guy is: everybody should be hitting the panic button on this one. It's one thing to have an organization whose number one purpose is the propogation of elite control and management of economic, political, and social dimensions of our existence. It's a whole different issue when that mission - which has been merging with outright military governance for some time - simply becomes another branch of our war effort.

It's a trend that has been going on for some time, with Army intelligence officials rising in the succession order and the bureaucratic integration of the military with law enforcement and intelligence, starting with the Drug War and reaching its latest apex in this War on Terror. The pretense of citizen oversight has been abandonded in favor of a rapid regimentation of all government functions. And what bureaucracy is more orderly and solid than the military? Why not just turn government into the military, avoid even the appearance of independent thought and oversight, and scare the hell out of any potential whistleblowers or leakers?

As long as we keep showing up every four years and picking what flavor of elite we prefer, we can just butt out from the real action. Outrage after outrage: this must be what it felt like to live in Weimar Germany during the latter days. The reaction isn't so much anger: it's a population completely stunned, caught off guard, and unable to process events. I'm trying to determine the maximum amount of time a population can be punched in the face before they wake up from the shock and realize the attack for what it is. Problem is, to date, I can't even muster the credulity to believe what's been going on before my very eyes...

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Written on Monday, May 08, 2006