Announcing the Agorist Action Alliance

Agorist Action Alliance logoAgorist Action Alliance (A3). Turns out the heir of Samuel Edward Konkin III's estate has decided to act in decidedly anti-libertarian ways - such as needlessly moderating content on the Left Libertarian Yahoo! Group and supporting the current colonial crusades against so-called "Islamofascists" (the dumbest and most ironic way to describe militant radical Islam, given the corporatist agenda provoking the entire show-down with the Muslim world). Kevin Carson took the initiative to organize a second Yahoo! Group while Brad Spangler moved to create a new organization after the "heir" claimed copyright / trademark / etc. infringement (a privilege expressly rejected by Konkin).

Pursuant to the call for action issued by Spangler, I will be organizing the Richmond Left Libertarian Alliance (or whatever we want to call it) to propagandize against the State. Keep watching for website details, but go ahead and contact me if you're interested - either comment here or write me at my first name at 6thdensity period net. The group, like A3, is open to all sorts - agorists, mutualists, geoists, georgists, you name it. You'll probably enjoy yourself more, though, if you're actually a left libertarian (ask Neil).

Update: Here's a logo I whipped together on GIMP.

a3_v1_small.jpg' src=

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Written on Saturday, March 17, 2007