Off the top of my head

I love these five albums. In no particular order. This is not a favorites list (I can't do that, I'm too wishy washy) or a "these are the best albums evah" list. I'm just acknowledging these great works of art:

  1. Anodyne by Uncle Tupelo
  2. The Soft Bulletin by the Flaming Lips
  3. Rift by Phish
  4. The Life Pursuit by Belle and Sebastian
  5. Deltron 3030 by Dan the Automator, Del the Funkee Homosapien, and Kid Koala (among others)

I thought it would be cool to just take five minutes and list five albums that I remember and that mean a lot to me. This ain't no tagging spree, but I'd be interested in your answers. Like I said, this isn't about the best albums or your favorite, but something in between that.

Oh, remind me to review the new Arcade Fire soon. And the new Son Volt.

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Written on Tuesday, March 20, 2007