Democrat Base Cheers On "Republican" Democrats, Shuns Genuine Signs of Popular Interest

Jeez, with an opposition party like this, who needs Republicans to fuck up? Hillary Clinton is for the Iraq war, and Ron Paul is not, which renders statements like this absurd:

Unlike Ron Paul, Hillary has a more realistic stance on foreign policy. In order for the Democrats to be credible on national security issues we need to prove that we are both good internationalists and that we also support the troops.

Invading harmless countries is being "good internationalists"? Staying in a country, steadily losing lives and money without any end in sight is a "realistic strategy"? Who are these people - Republicans?

And this is the really money quote right here:

A large segment of the American people agree with the Democratic domestic agenda but vote Republican because of foreign policy. With Hillary as our standard-bearer, we can change that perception.

By giving the people no choice on foreign policy whatsoever? What, you're gonna show the American people that you are consistently socialist, unlike the Republicans? And you wonder why everybody thinks your party is full of shit!

I just can't believe how stupid these dumbshits are. Their party should have the entire G.O.P. apparatus on a spit, slowly roasting. Instead, they're not only trying to copy the Republicans' errors, they're distancing themselves from the one guy who's getting any real groundswell of support. Isn't this precisely the error they made with Dean? Luckily, many Democrats are starting to see that they don't count when it comes to the priorities of certain special interests.

Most political junkies hand out their preferred brand of hashish along with their message, but I guess the trouble starts when you begin smoking your own shit. It's official, now: progressives are the cancer of the Left. Always have been, always will be.

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Written on Monday, June 18, 2007