Entering Slicehost

Well, as y'all know I'm looking for a new web host. I thought I'd be going with a company one of my friends recommended, but then I remembered that that's how I got involved with Dreamhost in the first place. I've heard such good things about Slicehost that I thought I'd go ahead and give 'em a try.

More expensive than Dreamhost shared hosting, to be sure, but hopefully that translates into better control and quality. I get my own "slice" of a nuts and bolts server that works like a VPS complete with root access. I get 256 MB of RAM guaranteed, with more when necessary, and the flexibility to add on slices as needed. And Slicehost is run by Rails developers, so I know I have support in that department.

It'll be good to finally have my own server that I have complete command line control. I have a lot to learn about *nix machines and systems administration, but I guess this is the best way to learn. It's been a long time coming since first getting on the web with free hosting from Matt.

For non-techies, all of this is to say that I will be moving all of my sites - including blog.6thdensity.net and leftlibertarian.org - to the new host over this week. Expect interruptions in service. I'll advise when finished.

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Written on Monday, June 18, 2007