Contribute to C4SS today!

UPDATE: C4SS has reached and exceeded its fundraising goal! Thanks so much for your generosity!

Time is running out to support the Center for a Stateless Society's Spring Fundraising Drive. Only $400 $275 $175 to go, but that can mean the difference between a growing, thriving anarchist think tank and a market anarchist movement continuing to schlep it's way through the blogosphere. We need to count on more than just linking to mainstream media sources - we need our own media center, where we can pool analytical resources and provide comprehensive solutions to today's problems. C4SS is one part of this next step in our movement's maturity.

If you haven't been able to convince your friends and family to consider the stateless alternative to the status quo, maybe you need some help. That's precisely what the Center excels at. With C4SS you get comprehensive, ongoing, and timely analaysis and commentary on current events. It's a refreshingly anarchist perspective and approach, but framed in terms designed to appeal to non-anarchists.

And great things are happening with the center. They have an IT support guy now. They have great commentary from Kevin Carson. Thomas Knapp is coming on as another commentator. And there is now daily audio commentary on current issues from an anarchist perspective. On top of that, they have a bloggers roundtable teleconference where you are invited to participate in a conversation with other anarchists.

If you take the project of a voluntary society seriously, start putting your money where your principles are. Help C4SS become a resource for us anarchists and for people looking for an alternative to the madness of the state.

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Written on Friday, March 20, 2009