The New House

Another view of Schloss McWeilandYes, the rumors you've been hearing are all true: we closed on our first home Thursday evening! It's been a long road, and we almost didn't get there (Bank of America, you were awful). But we got a great interest rate and a deal on a home that should have cost twice as much.

And you know whom we have to thank? My late Grandma Chappell, who left us just enough money for a modest down payment in her will. Thanks, Grandma, for your wonderful gift and being a great grandparent for so long!

Here's a breakdown of the positive points about the house:

Our new house in the March SnowHere's what we need to do:

So our lease at our current place ends April 30, giving us plenty of time to get the place ready and move in. We'll let you know when the housewarming party is, but until then just wanted to share the next phase of our lives with ya!

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Written on Saturday, March 28, 2009