On the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Ra Contact

This short piece was written to celebrate the anniversary of the Ra contact by those of L/L Research. As Gary Bean writes on the Bring4th.org forums:

Two months from today, January 15, 2011, will mark the 30th anniversary of what to a small demographic of people was a momentous occasion unprecedented in the chronicles of recorded history, to speak modestly of it.

On January 15, 1981, those known to us as Ra contacted Don Elkins, Carla L. Rueckert, and Jim McCarty, initiating a dialogue that would stretch four years over 106 sessions and come to serve as the backbone of spiritual understanding for many a seeker's journey, my own included.

Without their awareness, we at L/L Research are initiating a project to surprise Jim and Carla with thank you notes from appreciative readers of the Law of One material. Thus the purpose of this thread.

We would like to issue a request to all who have benefited from the Law of One material to compose a letter to Jim and Carla expressing your gratitude and sharing your experience of how the Law of One has affected you. It can be as simple and easy as a few sentences or a detailed work of multiple paragraphs, but we kindly request that it not exceed one full page in length if possible.

This is my contribution:

The magnitude of the Law of One material needs no belaboring. Simply put, it confirms deep biases of my inner life as well as connecting threads throughout the traditions of human spirituality. Moreover, it provides a template for how to go about the task of leading a service-to-others life - at least, as told from the point of view of a sixth density social memory complex. The transmission of this viewpoint is a crucial development in human history, bringing to completion a karmic cycle of thousands of years and bookending the recent human drama in third density. The service of Carla, Jim, and Don in bringing this message to our planet was of tremendous importance, the result of several years of sacrifice and dedication.

However compassionate those of Ra are towards us, there is a certain detachment with which their perspective is given. The gulf between them and us often seems not merely too wide for words but also too abstract to be acted upon. The diction of Ra lends itself, at least for me, to intellectualization and abstraction - not a realm where truth is absent, but one which can sometimes lead to a bifurcated life. I've found it far too easy to "believe in the Law of One" and yet go about my day to day experiences without applying its insight. The fundamental dishonesty here is not merely a flaw of personality but a prison of alienation and disconnection.

The three founders of L/L Research have provided the flip side of the Law of One perspective: the material, personal, human side. This is the side that contains danger, love, suffering, patience, beauty, and ugliness - the full spectrum of the Creator made manifest in the lives of humans, not just the theories of metaphysicians. Carla, Jim, and Don have not provided a model for how to live according to the Law of One, for their experiences are necessarily unique to their individual paths. What they've done is so much more epic, for they have simply lived honestly, a more heroic choice than any exalted sainthood.

It is this honesty and vulnerability, I feel, that comprises the great transcendent service rendered to us, their fellow inhabitants of Earth. By accepting this life of service to others and living it openly - imperfectly, and therefore humanly - they have anchored on this planet and in the experience of anybody who seeks them out the naked, rich simplicity of the Law of One and the attitude with which to approach it. They have demonstrated that it is possible to seek the Creator and the self not by asceticism but by sheer force of love. That is a lesson those of Ra could never teach, and those of L/L Research have taught it simply by being the wondrous people they are.

For all of the sacrifice, toil, heartache, and pain that demonstrating this beingness to their brothers and sisters has caused them, I thank Carla and Jim and wish them a happy anniversary of their contact with those of Ra. Whatever path I am on, I now know the intensity of love that is possible and that can be called upon because their lives are known to me. The challenge is not to emulate their example formulaically so much as to extend their work by anchoring love and light in the unique way each of us can contribute. In offering our love and gratitude to Carla and Jim, we affirm that challenge by acknowledging the enormity of their work, the power of their faith, and the seed they have planted in our hearts.

Carla and Jim: thank you for all that you are.

written by Jeremy Weiland on January 9, 2011 with these tags: law-of-one, spirituality, metaphysics