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Co-working in Richmond, VA

I'm interested in establishing a co-working community in Richmond, Virginia. To that end, I've taken the initiative in setting up a wiki page for anybody who's interested. If there's interest, I'd like to put together a regular "jelly" somewhere centrally located in Richmond to start. That's a nice, informal way for people to see if this is something worth expanding.

Please visit / edit wiki.workatjelly.com/rva and provide your ideas, suggestions, and contact information.

Written on Wednesday, July 28, 2010
Tags: richmond, local, coworking

Unprincipled Conservatism II
The 2010 Richmond Tea Party

Well, it's been a year since Brady and I attended the original Richmond Tea Party. Setting aside some encounters at Audit the Fed demonstrations and what not, this was the first time in quite a while I interacted with the tea party movement that has garnered so much attention over the past year. Although I've seen a lot coverage of the tea parties in the media, I wanted to experience the movement without the mediation of reporters. They're not usually known for their nuance.

Don't Tread On Me - unless I'm Afghani or Iraqi

Besides, this was a movement that said a lot of things I agreed with. While genuine disagreement is perfectly understandable, a philosophy containing contradicting opinions - advocating less government spending while supporting the expanding military budget and the empire it finances - is a target of opportunity. While there seem to be few tea partiers who care their ideology might be intellectually unsound, some can provide a reasoned argument. Those people often become thought leaders; they are the ones I'm looking for.


Written on Friday, April 16, 2010
Tags: conservatism, richmond, direct-action

Corporatism in the Richmond City Council

Apparently Richmond City Council wants to pay for the privilege of having my neighborhood hurt. Please come to the City Council meeting at 6:00 pm tonight to stop the council from using Federal stimulus dollars to pay taxes on a private developer's riverfront condo complex. It's such a good investment, the developer doesn't even want to risk all of his own money!

More at springhillrva.org.

There are many reasons to oppose this scheme. Governments like city council have too often used taxpayer-financed carrots to entice developers into making precisely the bad decisions that led to an oversupply and crash in the real estate market. If the project fails, will these City Council members be around to reimburse the taxpayers for either the stimulus money or the project tax revenue we lost by financing this? No, they'll be several years out of office by then, in all likelihood. Let's not insult citizen intelligence with pledges of accountability, now.


Written on Monday, January 11, 2010
Tags: left-libertarian, corporatism, real-estate, richmond, springhill